Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement + Empowerment

Know what being an instrument of Spirit/God/Sources Will; is for you

From your whole heart

Your Soul

Your intuition

And listen to the guidance everyday – giving everything spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Your love, trust and belief in Spirit + yourself is so deep that, in fact it feels real, true, actual and authentic to you and it’s only a matter of time the rest of the World & Universe knows it too. It’s about doing whatever it takes and taking what others tell you of you can’t do; to a whole new level. It has nothing to do with their dreams or what they absolutely love to do, their purpose, their Vision, or anything else. It is yours and only yours!

People will be jealous or judgmental; keep going

People will tell you, that there is no way you can do or be or have what you love; keep going

People will put different thoughts in your mind of you’ll never make it, it’s just fake, it’s of your 12yr old self, it is not real, you have to have a Real 8am – 5pm JOB (or else) or anything else that they have said; keep going

People will want to completely STOP you no matter what; keep on going

You can choose to keep on going, heal + rewrite those stories (rewrite the trauma, tragedy, poverty, constraints, feeling not worthy or deserving, vows, contracts, agreement’s, curses, hexes, spells, blackmagic, including Generational, Parental + Pastlives etc) rewrite the stories by transcending your biggest blocks, your circumstances transformed…place to live + call home(off grid), financial freedom (doing what you love & getting paid to do it) + credit cleared + Identity Restored , food, clothes, diapers for your babies, out of an abusive situation, out of the heat or bitter cold or any other circumstances & situations, transcend + have your biggest fears flow through you…with you and for you instead of against you on all levels, you and only you can be the instrument of Spirits Will & service to others.

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Can You Imagine Financial Freedom + More

“Can you imagine yourself being financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally #Free + no longer having your biggest blocks keeping you stuck from receiving on all levels getting to the Root of the Root of the Root of where things stem from, getting paid to heal, getting paid to share information, fixing credit, providing free + reasonable resources for people (homeless or Veterans or any other situation) to live off grid for free or reasonable prices + so much more resources to do whatever you want & being of service to others to do the same thing?” 

There is a few options: 
Look at this with a open mind & open heart. (Option #1) You invest $25 ‚Äď $40 & you find 2 others that want to invest with you. (Option #2) You invest $50 ‚Äď $90 & you find 2 or 3 others that want to invest with you. (Option #3) You invest $100 ‚Äď $150 & have another person to invest between $100 ‚Äď $150 (Option #4) You invest $200 or more and have another person or company invest with you.

If you have a open heart and open mind to learn more about the “Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement” Let Me Know Below Or DM Me For More Information!¬†

Dear March & Full Moon – Thank You!!

Dear March & Full Moon
You have gotten a lot of us to awaken from feeling  felt alone in times of great sadness to reaching out to those that really, truly, and actually support us and love us for who we are.  You have gotten us to see, hear, discover, feel, experience and more our very own truths within ourselves, our intuition, our souls, our hearts and listen to them more deeper as well. 

You have gotten us to know that we are never alone. You have gotten us to love, trust and believe in ourselves like never before. You have gotten us to realize that digging and going deeper with inner work, will rewrite past generations as well as our own past. 

You have gotten us to have more confidence within our gifts, talents, abilities, seeing our worth, seeing that connecting to our inner child will open up the doors…the opportunities, and our Biggest Why to the reason we are here.¬†

You have gotten us to see truths where things were hidden from us of other people and situations, that no longer serve our highest good. You have gotten us to Breakthrough our biggest blocks keeping us stuck from receiving on all levels. 

For those that are still in the awakening stages or to afraid of change, listen to your heart instead of your head. 

Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement!

Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement is a Movement of taking you from loss of your home, loss of family, loss of a job, loss of your Identity due to Identity Theft, loss of everything owned, loss of belief in yourself, loss of trust in yourself, loss of love in yourself, feeling like your not worthy or deserving of a greater life, loss of being healthier, loss of your life being any different then what it’s been of trauma… tragedy, abuse, non-believers, people who don’t understand you, feeling like you have a curse or something similar that was put upon you and your family and anything else that you are going through.

Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement is bringing people together in a Global/Universal Community of giving back to you that are going through extremely rough times right now. Giving you resources to be financially free to live the life you are more deserving and worthy of. Living Off Grid for free or extremely reasonable community, growing your own food, giving you a chance to go after your own dreams of what you absolutely love to do, getting paid for healing, getting paid for sharing several resources with others, getting paid to share your resources to secure people a safe place to sleep…that are Veterans or homeless or in different circumstances.

“Can you imagine yourself being financially #FREE to do whatever you want & being of service to others to do the same thing?”

There is a few options: 
Look at this with a open mind & open heart. (Option #1) You invest $25 – $40 & you find 2 others that want to invest with you. (Option #2) You invest $50 – $90 & you find 2 or 3 others that want to invest with you. (Option #3) You invest $100 – $150 & have another person to invest between $100 – $150 (Option #4) You invest $200 or more and have another person or company invest with you.

If you have a open heart and open mind to learn more about the “Unbreakable Soulwinks Movement” Let Me Know Below Or DM Me For More Information!

For those of you feeling as though if something doesn’t change next month “you’re going to end everything,”

A suggestion is, have you thought about doing some inner work that clears out anything & everything on all levels by getting to the Root of the Root of the Root of where things stem from? Doing the inner work that your biggest fears flow through you, with you and for you on all levels + your biggest blocks that are keeping you stuck from receiving are cleared? 

All of you are going through different changes, different awakenings or there are those that are in resistance to the change; you choose. 

My own experience; is that until I started digging deep, doing the inner work, getting to the Root of the Root of the Root of where exactly things stem from of receiving, where the feeling of not worthy of deserving of greater or where there may have been contracts…agreement’s, vows, spell’s, curses, blackmagic, some kind of attack (satanic or something similar), hexes abandonment, guilt, shame, poverty, abuse, trauma, tragedy, control, demands, commands, self-doubt, feeling unloved, feeling like you cannot care for yourself, trust yourself, believe in yourself + so much more. That getting to the Root of where it comes from whether Ancestors or Generations back or Parental or PastLives of the memories etc. Is where you can heal, forgive, let go, release, rewrite those stories + so much more that it does the same thing for everyone else in your family including your inner child on all timelines.¬†

I realized this year that you & I, are the ones and the only ones that can rewrite those stories of the past. Since other Generations were unable to completely and heal from all that was. To the Infinite Breakthrough, that you are so worthy and deserving of. 

What Are YOU Actually Manifesting Into Your Life?

Are you manifesting what you truly want, desire, dream, Soul + intuition say’s absolutely Yes, yes, yes¬† & wish for? Or are you manifesting what someone else has said that you have to do by control or demand or command?¬†
Are you manifesting what your inner child wanted to be, have, do, create, see, adventure, heart, taste, feel, discover and more? 

Are you manifesting what your soul + intuition has been nudging you to “Just do it?” Just do it, write that book, create that Podcast, become a singer/song writer, be a Speaker, be a Loan Officer, be a care taker, be a furbaby taker/trainer, be a healer, be a travel agent, create that program, create those Retreats for healing, create that sacred space that is for people to share their true authentic selves…not be afraid to share their stories of abuse or rape or loss or anything that they have had to much fear to open their heart + soul to and anything else that feels sooooo wonderful, extraordinary, once in a lifetime and more than words alone can say.¬†

OR, are you manifesting what someone else said; why are you going after high tech jobs, no body makes it doing this or that, you cannot do that because you’re not good enough or pretty enough or smart enough or have what it takes or you’re over qualified or you have no power or gifts or you’re a fake or you’re writing isn’t yours or what are you running away from or why can’t you get a normal $5/hr job or what you’re thinking isn’t real or something similar?¬†

Something to most definitely think about!! 
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Are You Being Too Serious With Yourself?

Little precious kindred furbabies that spirit created for us to experience the fun, the laughter, their own little personalities, the playfulness as a memory to flow/connect/allow our inner child to have fun as well as our adult self and to stop being sooooo serious with ourselves.

Meaning with everyday thoughts what are you thinking about that may not be serving your highest good, everyday with what we absolutely love to do are you pushing yourself too much to be perfect & it is draining your energy, how we do things such as rest when we are tired or take a break, how we interact with others + ourselves of self-care, self-love, our own sacred space, our own truth’s, to trust ourselves more, and to believe in your gifts… talents, abilities, capabilities, changing your stories you’ve kept of having blocks that are stopping you from freedom, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, creation, relationships that are heart centered, worthy of, deserving of, the house you want to build or have built (Off Grid), the car you have wanted since you were younger, the business that you wanted when you grew up, what did you want to be, what brought you joy and so much more, that comes up.

Being A Shaman Who Has Gifts + A Human Lie Detector & Speaking Up!!!

Being a shaman + human lie detector & having Paralegal + Investigation background of people who are; controlling, demanding, manipulative, naysayers, haters, non-believers, DebbieDowners, people who are judgmental of who you are

your beliefs & what you do that you love, take advantage of you or someone you love who has disabilities, never takes accountability for their actions when you confront them of their lies, people who destroy personal property, steal your property, take your Identity by hacking your accounts + open’s your personal mail, acts like everything is your fault, that you’re the horrible person, puts your family against you; because you know what type of person they are of being Narcissistic, doesn’t follow rules or laws & thinks they can get away with whatever they want to, they’re jealous of you so they attack you with blackmagic or spells or something that comes close to killing you and taking full possession of you.

The Universe + Spirit SEE’S YOU, hears you, feels you and will have the other person/people’s backs when you choose to hurt them + their families.

Q & A Of Krystyna’s Experience + What She’s Studied

Q: What has Krystyna Studied Regarding Healing? 

A: Krystyna has studied several different teachings, modalities, techniques, tools such as; Theta Healing, EFT, Dreamporting, Shamanism By Alberto Villoldo & Shaman Durek ,Shaman Infinity Healing/Infinity Healing, StarMagic Healing By Jerry Sargeant

Energy Healing, Biofeedback ,Distance Healing , Different Sound Healing: Solfeggio Frequencies, Alpha, Delta, Tuning, Vibrational, Binaural,  Isochronic Tones etc Mindset

Inner child

 ClearTalk, Reprogramming of the subconscious/unconscious + conscious mind, Angel Healing/Oracle Readings, Lost Bible Scriptures, Studied Michael Bernard Beckwith РTeachings, The late Dr. Wayne Dyer РTeachings, Core Attunement + More 

Q: What Business Experience + Study Of Those Career Field’s Does Krystyna Have? 

A: Krystyna has studied + experience in;¬†Paralegal, Investigation, Mortgages, Real Estate/Property Locating/Real Estate Notes, Credit Repair/Restoration, Customer Service,¬†Accounting/Bookkeeping,¬†Collection’s, Construction/Engineering¬† – Quality Control/Flagger,¬†Landscaping¬†, Stocks, Bond’s, Commodities + Futures Trading+ More¬†¬†

Spirit Channeled Message

Stop “WHY-NING” about why this & why is this happening to me all the time

Why do you always have haters, doubters, naysayers, non-believers or DebbieDowners always wanting to bring you down?
Why do you ways have to prove yourself to people who are like that of the haters or non-believers?
Why do you always attract abusive relationships?
Why do you always seem to get attacked by psychic or demonic or similar of blackmagic or spells or curses?
Why do you always feel like you move several steps forward to be STOPPED in your tracks of Breakthrough to receiving on all levels?
Why do you feel like you have to work 24/7 or long hours just to get anywhere?
Why do you feel not worthy or deserving of receiving greater?

Stop “WHY-NING” about why this & why is this happening to me all the time!!!!

And start asking “Heart, Soul & Intuition” questions! 

Such as “SOUL” Does doing inner work with (add someones name) going to free your heart of pain & hurt to happiness & peace?
“SOUL” How can you be an instrument of Spirit/God/Source’s will and be of service to others and how can you help me do so?
“SOUL” What are the blocks keeping you stuck from receiving what your actual true heart desires, wants, dreams & wishes are OR is it something that is deeper to discover with inner work?

You can keep on going. Meaning every time we are “WHY-NING” about our situations, circumstances +  environments; we are actually sending that out to the UNIVERSE and that is what we are receiving back; of the same or similar or worse.

What would you rather have???